So how does it work?

eft healing When I am working with you, I am teaching you how to use EFT and this enables you to participate in your own healing. Once you fully participate your healing begins! We work together to disconnect old inner programming so you can move forward to have the life that you want. Let me help you so that together we can create the life you want by gently removing the blocks standing in your way. This could be completing a project, dissolving a long standing fear, improving a relationship, or taking charge of your life. Visit my practice in Warragul and let EFT change your life.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) helps to give confidence in ones inner strength and abilities.

About EFT

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. This is a Tapping Technique that ‘lowers’ and ‘unblocks’ stress levels as well as what triggers our stress response. Through EFT we tap and unblock stresses from our belief system, experience and memories. EFT helps to release painful experiences from the past so that when they crop up again you are able to cope better.

So how can it help?

Weight Issues

I have an EFT protocol that literally lifts the ‘weight’ off your emotions.

Stress & Anxiety

EFT can help with obsessive behaviour, fear, work place stress and all kinds of stress and anxiety.


Flower essences combined with EFT are wonderful to help with that important night sleep.

Self Esteem

EFT finds the core issue and removes blocks standing in your way.


Post Natal Depression, Menopause, Hormone imbalance and Isolation.

Goal Setting

Do you have goals? EFT can help give you the confidence to take them to the next level.

Grief Counselling

Pain is individual and working with EFT honours those feelings.

Confidence building

I teach clients how to tap acupuncture points (EFT) with a positive affirmation that replaces old programming.

Changing Life Patterns to Heal Thyself

Are you hoping to find help for a loved one? EFT can help you, the caring one, to cope and to give you strength and courage.

Visit our Warragul EFT Clinic.